Gratitude Diary

Entry 23: Better Days

It has been a steady month, and I really can't complain. Physically, I feel pretty good. Mentally and emotionally, I can say I'm in a good place. But being on a winning streak is no excuse to momentarily disregard the tools and exercises that have helped me get through my darker days. As I reflect… Continue reading Entry 23: Better Days

Gratitude Diary

Entry 21: Learning to Rest

One of my 2018 resolutions is to learn to rest. I spent most of 2017 working so much, too much even, that I pretty much got burnt out by the end of the year. It wasn't easy letting go of the things that kept me busy and gave me a sense of purpose. Though difficult,… Continue reading Entry 21: Learning to Rest


Control and Connectedness

Yesterday in therapy, K (my therapist) and I had our best session yet. It left me feeling relieved knowing our hard work is paying off. At one point, we looked back at my progress and revisited my goals. K has always expressed her confidence in me. Sometimes I feel she may be overestimating my abilities,… Continue reading Control and Connectedness