What is all this for?

As the rainy season starts, my moods start to shift again. I’ve been trying my best to fight this downward spiral, but it’s always been very difficult. And whenever I fail, like what is happening now, I can’t help but feel even more ashamed, frustrated, and hopeless. I feel a whole bunch of feelings at… Continue reading What is all this for?


Changing the Script and Finding Words That Heal

These days, it's a lot harder for me to find the right words to say when trying to comfort people who are struggling or dealing with heartaches. It's not because I don't care enough, but because I don't want to make the situation worse. And so I always have to ask myself a number of… Continue reading Changing the Script and Finding Words That Heal


Control and Connectedness

Yesterday in therapy, K (my therapist) and I had our best session yet. It left me feeling relieved knowing our hard work is paying off. At one point, we looked back at my progress and revisited my goals. K has always expressed her confidence in me. Sometimes I feel she may be overestimating my abilities,… Continue reading Control and Connectedness