Gratitude Diary

Entry 23: Better Days

It has been a steady month, and I really can’t complain. Physically, I feel pretty good. Mentally and emotionally, I can say I’m in a good place.

But being on a winning streak is no excuse to momentarily disregard the tools and exercises that have helped me get through my darker days. As I reflect on the past few weeks before I give my therapist an update, I remind myself of the things I am grateful for these days:

1. A more confident and content self

Photo taken by Maan Banzon

Carefully, I am creating a more positive body image. I am also learning to let go of self-worth that is anchored on never-ending work and constant busyness. So far, so good.

2. An opportunity to serve

aeta 4

I’m grateful to Project Lingap for another chance to serve one of its partner communities. We also conducted a beach cleanup with Greenspace Liwa. It was a meaningful Holy Week 2018!

3. Fun, fabulous, and fierce female friends

Photo courtesy of Light Manuel

I’m definitely blessed to have beautiful – inside and out – girl friends (above are just two of them). They make life a whole lot more fun and much easier to navigate.

4. A caring and supportive partner


I’m seeing this one soon, and I’m beyond excited! He’s really been my number one supporter since day one, and I really can’t ask for more.

5. More time with Mom

entry 23_5

I’m just really happy to grow and experience a better relationship with my mother. I don’t get to see her often, but when I do, it feels like we’re making up for lost time. This I’m grateful for the most.


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