Food Adventures

Exploring ABKD X Ñ in Poblacion

Last Saturday night, I had the chance to try something new in Poblacion. My friend D and I were due a catch-up session, and she suggested the newly opened ABKD.

ABKD is a Filipino coffee shop and bakery offering a selection of breads, pastries, coffee, and comfort food. It’s on Alfonso Street near the corner of Don Pedro, just across The Wild Poppy.


The brightly lit interior is a refreshing contrast to the usually dim establishments in the neighborhood. The rattan stools and capiz lamps are in keeping with their Filipino theme.

For our dinner, we ordered the Eenie Meenie Bucatini and Eggplant Gratin.

abkd 2

I enjoyed the tangy and herby flavors of the gratin. Under the cheesy crust were warm layers of eggplant and spinach in rich marinara sauce.


The bucatini was not eenie meenie at all! The heavy dish had thick noodles wrapped in creamy sauce with mushrooms, topped with smoky bacon bits and a delicate poached egg. (Do you see that yolk? 😍)

D and I enjoyed both dishes, although we couldn’t finish the big servings. (We had them wrapped to-go, of course!) As for the service, the staff were nothing but attentive and prompt.


While waiting for our food, D and I kept seeing people go up and down the second floor. Curious what was going on up there, we turned to one of the friendly ABKD staff. She told us about their upstairs bar called Ñ. Of course, we had to go for a taste of their signature cocktails.


Ñ is a lot smaller, with a completely different vibe from the business downstairs. Their lights are dimmer and their music louder. There are couches on one side and a few cocktail tables by the bar on the other end.

One of their bartenders helped us pick our poison. D got herself something sour while I opted for something sweet. Mine was a coconut milk-infused drink that I thought would be perfect during sunset cocktails at the beach.

The Apartment

After Ñ, we made one more stop. D introduced me to The Apartment (just beside ABKD), a number of apartment units that were converted into a bar. There, we had one more drink and some more conversations.

Overall, I would say my first ABKD X Ñ experience was a success. I already told a few other friends about it, so I might just be dropping by again there soon.

ABKD X Ñ is located at 5663 Alfonso Street in Poblacion, Makati.


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