Gratitude Diary

Entry 20: New Books and Kind Strangers

Training the mind to always see the positive before the negative is a tough undertaking. But constant practice and unexpected encouragements are a big help. When the day is chaotic, or even when it’s mundane, it’s much harder to think of things to be grateful for. That’s always the challenge. But, see, I love a good challenge.

These days, I try to be grateful for things both grand and ordinary. I like to claim victories big and small. A stress-free day at work is always an achievement. A bit of extra writing deserves a pat on the back. A chance to catch a movie at the cinema after a busy day? Good job balancing work and play!

And then there are unexpected encouragements that put a smile on your face, like a package arriving earlier than expected and opening it to find a little surprise from a total stranger.


Today, I got my order from Ms. P, a kind stranger on the internet who decided to give me a freebie along with my book purchase – complete with thoughtful notes!

There’s no better ending to a busy day than receiving someone’s generosity and kindness. Now, I have two more books to add to my to-read pile, and for that, I’m grateful.



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