Gratitude Diary

Entry 19: Cocktails and Convos

Most of my evenings are uneventful. Usually, they’re spent indoors working on a side project or binge-watching something on Netflix. But now and then, I get a little social and ‘out of control.’ And by that I mean having at least two drinks and staying out past 11 p.m.

Nights like that don’t happen for me as often as they used to anymore, but when they do, they’re always pretty much ace. They’re spent with quality people with whom nothing feels like an obligation, in places where guards are let down and secrets are shared. Neon sign not mandatory.

I treasure those infrequent nights – probably more than the company I spend them with will ever know. They’re reminders of delightful things sometimes easily forgotten. They allow me to offer the inner goodness I’ve been nurturing.

There would always be immense gratitude in me at the end of those evenings of cocktails and convos. In the morning, a slight hangover notwithstanding, my heart would always be fuller and my life richer. And for that, I’m grateful.


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