Food Adventures

“Never paying full price ever again!”

Since downloading the app in February, I have been obsessed with Eatigo. Eatigo connects empty restaurant tables with hungry tummies, and offers discounts of as much as 50% on food items. It’s godsend for perpetually hungry people who love to eat out like me.

The higher discounts tend to be scheduled during dead hours, when restaurants are usually empty before and after the busy shifts. I found this to be perfect because, as part of my intermittent fasting, I only eat during mid afternoon. That’s on days when I don’t have to meet friends, because who doesn’t want to stuff their face silly with their friends?

Here are a few of the places I recently booked through Eatigo, all at 50% off:

Early Bird Breakfast Club, Century City Mall 

I first scored an Eatigo deal at Early Bird with C (my boyfriend whom I’m actually quoting in the title). He was in town for a few weeks, and we made sure to spend as much quality time with each other as we could. Early Bird was an obvious pick as it was nearby.

I had the Buttermilk Crispy Fried Chicken, which turned out to be filling, juicy (thigh fillets, yay), and the right kind of salty.

C had the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Roasted Tomato Soup, which he said was delicious. I had a taste of the slightly tangy soup and approved. We spent about PHP300 for this late lunch.

A few weeks later, I went back for another late lunch, this time by myself. I was feeling a bit under the weather and wanted some comfort food.

I  loved this hearty bowl of Mushroom Soup. I’m a sucker for thick and creamy soups and my palate favors savory flavors more, so this one provided much-needed comfort that afternoon.

Early Bird’s Adobo Sunrise is a bestseller. For me, it’s the sourness that makes it memorable. The serving is huge, too; it just doesn’t look like it from the presentation. For this late lunch, I spent less than PHP300.

Don Andres – A Peruvian Kitchen, Kapitolyo

This is by far my and C’s favorite. One Saturday, after running errands around Pioneer, we decided to check the area for deals. We booked Don Andres, a rather underrated restaurant in the Kapitolyo neighborhood.

 We’re crazy people, so we ordered the Pollo Entero with sides, which is a whole roasted chicken with your choice of four side dishes. We picked: fries, corn salsa (our favorite), ensalada, and marbled potato salad. The chicken also comes with coleslaw (so we basically had five sides) and three sauces (spicy mayo, aji, and chimichurri).

Not only were we happy with the feast worth only PHP350, we also genuinely enjoyed the roast chicken. It was peppery, herby, and served in a jiffy. We also loved the refreshing corn salsa that we tried to recreate it a few days after – not the exact formula but good enough for us!

Floating Island Restaurant, Ayala Malls The 30th

Every after therapy, I go and have myself a quiet meal, so I can relax and reflect on the things that were discussed. One of my after-therapy meals was at Floating Island Restaurant, where I got to try a couple of their Filipino dishes. For PHP200.75, I got myself a serving of their Beef Tapa and Lumpiang Shanghai.

The tapa was definitely tender and was on the sweet side, but it left a strange gamy taste in the mouth. The shanghai was a bit of a letdown, too. It had a homogenous filling that, although tasted fine, did not appear authentic.

Le Petit Souffle, Century City Mall

I had been wanting to try Le Petit Souffle’s Japanese Curry Beef Souffle because, well, I love curry, so I decided to make a reservation at their Century City Mall branch. It was a hushed afternoon with only a couple more diners at the restaurant.

I started with the Classic French Onion Soup since I heard some really good things about it. While I’m not a fan of onion soups, I appreciated the rich and strong flavors of this one – with a pronounced sweetness and a tinge of heat. It was too heavy for me, though, that I felt almost full even before my savory souffle arrived.

The curry souffle did not disappoint. The souffle was fluffy with a subtle flavor that let the curry shine. The curry had generous servings of rice and beef, although I wish it had more potatoes and carrots! For this meal, I spent PHP471.43.

Service was 5/5 in these restaurants during my/our visits. It also pays to be one of the few customers present because you won’t have to compete for the staff’s attention.

I plan to write more about my food adventures in this blog, so I hope you’ll come visit again. And if you have any dining tips and tricks you’d like to share, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.


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